Pramila Jayapal Just Revealed The Most Ambitious Medicare ...

Indian Mafia controls our gov’t.

Jayapal of WA introduced new legislation.

The Indian gov’t now has its agents in our gov’t and are subverting our country. It’s all about rigging the US in favor of immigrants and against citizens.

And because most of our pols are controlled and run by corporate interests who all want cheap labor.

Corporate Amerika and foreign powers own Biden and the US gov’t – and they demand their cheap foreign labor. Which is one reason they want Trump gone so badly.

An illegal, rigged labor market.

“just, empathetic and fair” – we’ve already given them 95% of all STEM jobs in America and most of Silicon Valley. But no, they want the entire country, and they want to get rid of all white people.

We need a full investigation into Jayapal now and where her $ is coming from.

Influential American lawmakers, including Indian-American Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, have urged President-elect Joe Biden to reverse the immigration policies of Donald Trump, as they introduced a resolution, seeking reform of the immigration system that is just, empathetic and fair.