Taiwan Semi buys north Phoenix land for $89 mil

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Attorney Lin Wood Appeals Georgia Election Case to Supreme Court

Canada Under Fire for Training Chinese Troops

Email: Hunter Did Not Disclose $400,000 from Ukrainian Company on 2014 Taxes

Ex-bin Laden Spokesman Freed, Deemed Too Fat to Survive COVID in Prison

Hanukkah Celebrated in Public in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for the First Time, After Trump Peace Deal

High School Bans Yearbook Picture of Student with American Flag Draped Over Her Shoulders

Hollywood Studios Including Netflix Used Lobbyists to Win CA Lockdown Exemptions

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Manhattan Apartment Rents Dive To Decade Low As Inventory Swells

Marine Corps Want Swarming Kamikaze Drones

Shots Fired as ‘Patriots,’ Antifa Clash for 2nd Straight Weekend near Washington St. Capitol

Survey: One-Fifth of Americans Believe Election Will Be Overturned

Texas GOP Chair Floats Forming Union of ‘Law-Abiding’ States After SCOTUS Election Ruling

The “Expert Consensus” Also Favored Alcohol Prohibition

Trump Lawyer: Pressure on Supreme Court to Take Up Texas Lawsuit Is ‘Extremely Strong’

Trump’s Legal Team Considering Alternate Options After Supreme Court Rejects Texas Election Suit

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50+ Ways Massive Voter Fraud Was Committed in the 2020 Election

Phoenix man fights off bike lock strangulation attempt from roommate

‘A scary time’: Researchers react to agents raiding home of former Florida COVID-19 data scientist

‘National Security Disaster’: House Unanimously Passes TPS Amnesty For Hong Kong Residents, Expands Definition Of ‘Refugee’

‘SNL’ Under Fire for Indoor Audiences Ignoring Corona Rules

2020 Takes Toll On Mental Health

Airbnb Worth More than Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt Combined

Amazon exec Holly Sullivan tapped to chair board of TN Chamber of Commerce

Amazon launches HealthLake, a platform for storing and analyzing health care data

Are You Ready For A Cookie Shortage This Holiday Season?

Arizona ER doctor says he was punished for speaking out NBC News

Arizona GOP Takes Election Case to Supreme Court: ‘We Found Evidence’

Armenia: Anti-Government Protests in Yerevan After Azerbaijan Parade

Aussie MP Urges Trump To Pardon Assange

Ben & Jerry’s Unveils Super-Woke Kaepernick Ice Cream “To Dismantle Systems Of Oppression”

Big City Newspaper Runs Op-ed Questioning Why “Habitual Drunkenness” Should Be a Disqualification for Citizenship

Carnegie Mellon Students Target Ric Grenell with Death Threat

Blue State Blues: Dirty Tricks Become Federal Law if Democrats Win Georgia

Court Disqualifies Soros-backed Prosecutor for Fundraising off McCloskey Case

Cruz: ‘I’ve Said ‘Screw the Chinese Communists.’ Little Did I Know How Closely Swalwell Was Listening’

Election Company Dominion is Both Anti-Trump and Rooted in Radical Leftism

Former Special Forces Officer Warns Of ‘Color Revolution Tactics’ Used Against Trump

Getting Stimulus Payments To Consumers

GOP Rep.: Schumer, Wyden ‘Meddled’ with FBI by Telling Them How to Handle Biden Family Investigations

Joe Biden Admits He Lacks ‘Executive Authority’ to Ban ‘Assault Weapons’

Mark Levin: Peter Schweizer Deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom

Michael Flynn: There’s ‘Anti-American’ Sentiment in DoJ, FBI, Intel Community

Michael Moore: Police Must Be ‘Vetted in Terms of Their Racism’

Microsoft launches effort to fight corruption with AI and other emerging tech

Multi-Level Voter Fraud Uncovered in Nevada

Nevada Governor Demands More Severe Covid Restrictions Despite Empty Hospitals

New Lockdowns and More Regulations Are Disastrous for US Jobs

New Political Party Rises From the Ashes of Disenfranchised Americans

Phoenix firm creates container homes that start at $45,000

Pro-Lockdown TV Anchor Suspended After Breaking Coronavirus Rules

Pro-Trump Groups to Rally in DC to Call for Election Integrity

Scalise: Outdoor Dining Restrictions Are to ‘Control’ and ‘Crush’ Small Businesses

What If All Americans Exercised Regularly?

Wreckage Of US Navy Submarine Found Off Maryland Coast

WSJ: Joe Biden’s Deputies Alarmed by Growing Tide of Migrants


Amazon Web Services offers companies new tools for spying on workers

British EV company to open HQ in Charlotte

Epic Is Giving Away 15 Free Games For Christmas Starting Next week

France fines Google, Amazon €135m total for slipping ad cookies into people’s computers without permission

Gene editing has made pigs immune to a deadly epidemic

Geologists Reveal Supervolcano May Lurk Beneath Alaska’s Aleutian Islands

Marine Corps Want Swarming Kamikaze Drones    | ZeroHedge

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