Jocelyn Benson. Foreign agent?

Self-loathing, white-hating MI AG Jocelyn Benson has comitted a criminal act as a state official by blocking investigation of Dominion voting machines in MI.

No wonder, becuase as we previously reported, she studied at Oxford in UK where she was brainwashed about “white supremacy”.

Another dumb brainwashed snowflake out to kill her own country.

Her only goal now is to make sure a Chinese Communist Agent puppet (Biden) gets install so America can be brought to her knees. All while sitting in a nice huge comfy home and raking in close to $400K/year.

What kind of country is this where a public servant makes close to 10X the median household income of everyone in her state? Madness.

We need new laws limiting gov’t salaries because they are bankrupting us.

And we need a full investigation into Benson now to see just how much foreign money she is taking. After all, when at Wayne State U, she took a biz junket to China, and one to Israel later.

Is the Chinese Communist Party bribing her too?

Where is the FBI? Where is the DOJ? Call your reps in DC and demand she be investigated now.

“She is the author of State Secretaries of State: Guardians of the Democratic Process“.

Apparently not quite guardian enough. Ignoring election fraud isn’t guarding democracy you traitor.

Someone please write a book called: “Foreign Political Junkets: How Our Politicians and Business Elites Take Bribes From Foreign Powers“.

“She subsequently earned her master’s in sociology as a Marshall Scholar at Magdalen College, Oxford, in the United Kingdom, conducting research into the sociological implications of white supremacy and neo-Nazism“.