Uh oh – looks like the midwest has been infected now too.

And why not – after all, that State’s capitol, Columbus, was invaded and taken over by Indian H-1Bs long ago. They’ve probably infected Ohio State and are now pushing their anti-white agenda in order to white-guilt people into allowing the mass invasion and theft of their country by India.

Note the “article” is from India.

Homelessness and economic collapse is everywhere in Ohio now, thanks to invasion by H-1B Indians. The only “racial disparities in central Ohio” are the ones where white Ohioans are being driven from their jobs by India Inc bodyshops. All of this is just a front to cover up India Inc’s theft of US jobs. “You owe us, don’t oppose our invasion and theft”.

And if they can brainwash Ohio kids in college to accept their own occupation, then India Inc wins.

More manipulation by India.

In your face, whitey, now shut up and like it.

When a native Ohioan – Steve Pushor – dared to expose the Indian Mafia takeover on YouTube, he was demonized as a racist.

No, it’s Indians who are the racists – as 99% Indians occupying US jobs shows.


If you want to see just how huge the extent of the mass illegal H-1B-only job ads are in Ohio, look no further than:

Where the H-1B jobs are in Central Ohio, and jobs you never expected needed H-1B workers

There is no such thing as an “H-1B job” and in fact, advertising for any job that requires an “H-1B” or any other work visa is a violation of Federal law.