USIN-PAC, and its band of unregistered foreign agents now control Joe Biden and our gov’t. Its President, Sanjay Puri is shown 2nd from left in this photo.

Unregistered foreign agent Sanjay Puri over at USIN-PAC, along with all his racist Indian buddies are rejoicing that Indians will now be able to invade the US without restriction, and take over.

Due to S386 and UT Sen. Mike Lee’s treason, the US will soon be overrun with racist, white-hating Indians.

More Americans will be displaced from their jobs, and more homeless will result.

USIN-PAC must be shut down now – and Puri must be arrested and deported. USIN-PAC is interferring in our elections, as well as unduly influencing our politicians.

The Indian Mafia + Indian gov’t have their hooks deep into our gov’t.

Modi, left, and his unregistered foreign agent in America, USIN-PAC President Sanjay Puri, right. Why are foreign powers allowed to manipulate the US gov’t with impunity?

Millions of skilled Americans cannot find jobs in their own country because of the Indian Mafia, foreign Indian PACs, the H-1B visa program, and non-enforcement by the US gov’t. Tens of millions of US jobs are now occupied by foreign powers such as India. On American soil.