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Dec 14, 2020

These terrible bills need to stop

95% engineers in India unfit for coding jobs: Study

INDIA MAFIA CONTROL H1B VISA on Twitter: “India is the last country to be providing skilled workers

Week 11 of the #Misfortune500 Bodyshop Report brought to you by @WCWOA is here. The results are in, we have counted everything twice and we are “Reddy” to elect the #1 worst bodyshop in America. Is it in New Jersey? Go here to find out. 👇”

There was a time when there was no backlog in the early 2000s. You know why? Because the number of green cards and H1Bs allotted per year were in sync. Then came two acts in 1998 and 2000 which increased the cap from 65k to 195k, to make America ‘competitive’. #NoS386″

TCS now grab the whole IT division from the company..Not just taking projects . Happening everywhere

The STEM worker shortage is a MYTH. Wake up Americans. Silicon Valley is lying to you and the media won’t call them out on it because they need the ad $

Millions of American careers displaced by legal and illegal immigrants. Tens of millions if you include all alphabet soup visa types.

This is a big lie by Indians.They already fill 25% of the EB2 GC category. If with 25% it is 200yrs, then with 100% it will be (200/4)=50yrs, which they claim to be 15yrs with this legislation. If U want to loose Ur jobs, just bring more Indians. As Bill Gates & Larry Page did.”

@SenMikeLee This video tells, Indians has accepted tough conditions and low payment with H1b visa in order to receive GC at the end. And big tech exploited the condition and all of those Indians are in backlog now, Protesting to use the caps of other nations #stops386”

No other industry other than Big Tech has publicly come out in support of HR1044/S386. It goes to show who would benefit largely from this bill.

While other countries protect their citizens by limiting foreign labor, @SenMikeLee @KamalaHarris @SenKevinCramer push HR1044/S386 to displace more #AmericanWorkers #StopHR1044 #S386IsNotFair Add country caps on #H1B @realDonaldTrump #VetoS386 @LouDobbs

Worse yet is that the house version of the bill by D-@RepZoeLofgren may be sneaked into the must pass spending Bill. The swampiest of tactics that would fundamentally change employment based immigration w/o any hearings/discussions. Why then not do it for DACA? We need #CIR”

The current backlog is an immediate result of abusing H1b visas by Indian workers

The poverty rate is 22% for Caucasian single-parent families and 7% for Black married families

A bill that will completely distort American worker and family futures is being pushed through a spending bill, without any media attention (@cnn, @nytimes, @abc, @cbs) by @ZoeLofgren #HR1044. In the name of Jesus during this holy month, please stop this! Thanks! @SenTomCotton”

#StopS386 #StopHR1044 stop big tech companies from hiring cheap labor and getting wealthy and more powerful!”

There should not be one single non-U.S. citizen doctor hired until all qualified US citizens have been matched first

The unemployment rate for Americans will increase sharply if #s386 passes the House. Do not jeopardize American jobs! #HouseBansChinese #AcademicHalt @Mizzou @ucsf @utaustin @UCF @UHouston @ohiou @lsu @nyuniversity @usc @clemsonuniv”

So China owns Biden, Kamala, Swalwell, Google, and Amazon. I am going to use their search engine to shop for a N95 mask?

Swing States that have found massive VOTER FRAUD, which is all of them, CANNOT LEGALLY CERTIFY these votes as complete & correct without committing a severely punishable crime. Everybody knows that dead people, below age people, illegal immigrants, fake signatures, prisoners,….

A company that does identity theft stole $221,000 from PPP and EIDL. Par for the course for credit card scammers I suppose… @FTC @FBIChicago

check out this H1B dependent company that got a nearly $10m taxpayer bailout to hire contractors for Samsung. Supposedly they retained exactly 300 jobs using their bailout funds. What a nice round number huh? 🤔 @FBIDallas

It’s not fair to that one country either (India, we all know that one country!). PhD grads from India will go behind cheap IT workers. They declared their plans: destroy immigration system by devouring all gcs, ask for more, then do the same until nothing’s left

This bill has nothing to do with high-skilled immigration as it’s deceiving name implies. It removes country cap quotas for employment based Green Cards which would redistribute them to foreign nationals from just one country (India) at the expense of other countries for ≈ 15yrs”

T-MOBILE’S latest commercial shows no White people. Even tho Whites pay ALL the bills.

Hispanic under represented in tech: It’s time to change the equation Big tech & Indian lobbyist @immivoice is pushing #HR1044 / #S386 to replace even more #AmericanWorkers End Indian & Big Tech #H1B monopoly #VetoS386 #StopHR1044 #S386IsNotFair″

I completely understand you, but consider that when 10 Indian receives GC then just one European or Mexican receives it, you are currently considered more than us, but the only problem is your demand is high , and THAT IS NOT MY PROBLEM. don’t use our 7% cap. #StopS386″