Unregistered foreign agent Amit Jani, right, in the Biden campaign.

Just whose gov’t is this?

Americans’ or Indians?

Biden is a foreign agent.

India now controls the H-1B visa program and floods the US with a 100,000 job robbers every year – driving Americans from their jobs, and taking over US companies.

These are not Indian IT companies – these are job robbers.

Mass industrial theft.

There is no such thing as “Indian IT companies” – only fake job robbing Indian companies looting American jobs. India has never produced anything in IT.

If Indians are such tech geniuses then why do they need US jobs created by Americans so desperately? Where are the Apple and Microsoft of India?

India is a thieving parasite on America.


USINPAC to help place Indian Americans in Biden-Harris team

Illegal H-1B workers @ Apple. Indian + Chinese job robbers on H-1B visas are displacing American workers and stealing US companies + tech.


Indian Prime Minister Modi, left, and unregistered foreign agent, Amit Jani, right. Foreign powers now control most US politicians. India + China are stealing our industries. Via the H-1B industrial spy program, both countries get their workers into our companies, get trained, and move our jobs back to India.

Illegal H-1B workers from India now occupy millions of US jobs while 18 million Americans are unemployed. In many cases Americans are forced to train their replacements. The job robbers move to America and then form groups such as South Asians for Biden – who have their puppet rigged + controlled by Modi agents as shown above. This is how India manipulates US immigration policy and keeps American borders open for India’s job robbing hordes. Silicon Valley was created by Americans. Groups such as South Asians for Biden show just how racist these invaders are.

South Asians for Biden Launches ‘Indians for Biden National Council’ ln Wake of Historic Biden-Harris Ticket

11 Indian-Americans fill Joe Biden Transition Team

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