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Dec 15, 2020

American workers will not be able to stop the its own replacement with 90% Indian workers

Malaysia to allow foreign labour in only 3 sectors, says deputy minister

Apple Security Shock As Mac Threats Outpace Microsoft Windows By 2 To 1

Cooking A Tasty Fruitcake w/ Kali Muscle

Lin Wood releases photos from an alleged ballot warehouse in GA

Lockdowns are hard on us all and it’s complete insanity

People rallying outside Mayor London Breed’s home are demanding the reopening of SF

So It’s War Then?

Records Remain Missing for 500,000 Georgia Absentee Ballots

‘Biden can remake US immigration policy for the 21st century’

Austrian MP Tests Cola for Covid-19 – Yields Positive Result

Blackburn Introduces Legislation to Defund Businesses Linked to the Chinese Military

CA files to join U.S. antitrust lawsuit against Google

Blue State Blues: Dirty Tricks Become Federal Law if Democrats Win Georgia

Charley Pride dies at 86 of COVID-19 complications

Cornucopia owner takes a stand to stay in business

Cuomo ‘Sexually Harassed Me For Years,’ Former Staffer Claims

East Bay office campus deal tops $125 million

Fallen Hedge Fund’s Head Among Investors Getting PPP Relief

Fleeing restrictions in the rest of the region, Bay Area residents swarm to San Mateo County

Giuliani Says Legal Team Moves to ‘Plan B,’ State-Level Lawsuits

Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database Tops 1,300 Cases

Home sales in Santa Clara County and San Mateo County, Dec. 12

Hunter Biden Called His Father and Chinese Business Partner ‘Office Mates’ in September 2017 Email

Jones Storms Supreme Court In Epic Gathering Of Patriots

Monterey County earthquakes tied to oil operations

NYC Small Businesses Furious At Dining Ban After Data Shows Restaurants Account For Only 1.4% Of Covid

Phoenix’s airport hotels are struggling amid pandemic, but business is picking up

Rare, high-priced red wine stolen from display at Joseph George Wines in San Jose

Restricting banking to Indian ownership a mistake, an ideological view to suspect foreign capitalists

Senate approves Arizona military priorities in annual defense bill

Supreme Court Decison Signals Secession

Texas GOP Chair Hints at Secession After SCOTUS Rejects Texas Election Case

Undercover cops dressed as Santa and his elf fight crime at a California shopping center

Yes, Bill Gates Said That. Here’s the Proof


Apple plans 30% boost in iPhone production for first half of 2021 – Nikkei Asia

AstraZeneca Buying Boston-Based Drug Developer Alexion For $39 Billion

Oracle moves HQ to Austin, but don’t count Nashville out

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Fraud here, fraud there, fraud everywhere!

Foreigners using their own money to buy American citizenship through the sleazy #EB5 racket is bad enough, but now they can *borrow* half of it from middlemen in the U.S. via @CIS_org

#StopS386 This bill is just unfair! It hurts everyone! Destroys diversity! Ruins American Dreams and Jobs! Tech conpanies shiuld not destroys American jobs just for their own good! Pleasea Stop it! #S386 #S386IsNotFair”

@VBierschwale check out this H1B dependent company that got a nearly $10m taxpayer bailout to hire contractors for Samsung. Supposedly they retained exactly 300 jobs using their bailout funds. What a nice round number huh? 🤔 @FBIDallas

@H1B_Reform_Now @michellemalkin @SenMikeLee H-1B country cap is a must! #NoS386

@DavidShafer tells @michellemalkin that election irregularities in his state “ought to be a source of concern for everyone in our state and frankly, our country.”

#HouseBansChinese please stop s386/HR1044 this is a real disaster to US workers

Biden transition is quietly putting Google and Facebook employees into its transition landing teams

Companies game this constantly. When required to publicly post job notices they post them on the backs of doors in electrical closets etc

GOP helped to achieve that. USA is not a real country. It is just a lawless place. No real country would do such a thing

How is it a selling point when 50% of America’s Jobs are reserved for Foreign Guest Workers? No wonder we have Civil Unrest. No #S386 #HR1044

Millions of American careers displaced by legal and illegal immigrants. Tens of millions if you include all alphabet soup visa types.

Moreover, 2/3 of American STEM grads are working in unrelated fields — likely because they’re outbid by cheaper foreign labor, which also keeps wages suppressed.

Say no to bill S386/HR1044. Big outsourcing companies are lobbying to monopolize employment-based green card just like they did h1b visas. #AcademicHalt #StopHR1044″

Tech companies claim there aren’t enough qualified STEM workers to do the jobs they need, so imported foreign labor is a necessity. This is false. The US has twice the number of STEM graduates as there are STEM jobs.”

The question at hand distills to this: Are we to allow the lords of Silicon Valley to determine the terms of free speech, free thought, and free behavior in America?

They say they only get 7% of all green cards, same as small countries. ALL WRONG!  It’s very dynamic. Small countries get less than 7% since they don’t have applicants

yes, because they monopolized tech jobs. they are nepotists and racists playing fake victim card. kamala is an example

After ignoring it for the past month +, looks like they’re getting worried. From @cnn

While other countries protect their citizens by limiting foreign labor, @SenMikeLee @KamalaHarris @SenKevinCramer push HR1044/S386 to displace more #AmericanWorkers #StopHR1044 #S386IsNotFair Add country caps on #H1B @realDonaldTrump #VetoS386 @LouDobbs”

Well said. The denial of Covid relief, after the complete destruction of the economy, will be the last straw for many. Their priority seems to be middle class Indian and Chinese citizens. Big fail.”

We are living in extraordinary times. Extraordinary times require extraordinary actions. Extraordinary times require extraordinary people taking extraordinary actions. Wake up Patriots! Time to act.”

Unlike the feds, the Texas Rangers are a real and professional law enforcement agency. If laws have been violated, I trust the Rangers will get to the bottom of it fast.”

@TuckerCarlson goes after Senate @SenMikeLee & @kevincramer for passing an immigration bill lobbied by Big Tech – “Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act”. The bill was passed without any public hearings, & will reward Big Tech’s appetite for cheap indentured labor.”

Today, Trump electors, from the state of Michigan, were denied entry to the Michigan State Capitol after Governor Whitmer and other officials sent 200+ troops to guard the building.

This is BIG NEWS. Dominion Voting Machines are a disaster all over the Country. Changed the results of a landslide election. Can’t let this happen. Thank you for the genius, bravery, and patriotism of the Judge. Should get a medal!

Reminder: the vote of the electoral college is not certified until Congress certifies it. Legally, no one is President-elect until Congress certifies a majority of the electoral college for that person.

NYT has not covered the Swalwell Chinese spy honeytrap scandal a single time What a disgrace.

Lets get our American minorities into middle class, instead of filling every IT job with Indian H1B!

If you have a problem, you can contact the Governor’s office.” State Police block access to the Capitol for the Trump electors, giving no reason for why the building is locked down & redirecting inquiries to Governor Whitmer’s office #Michigan #ElectoralCollege #Lansing

I would add an independent outside the IC assessment that includes all of the evidence already submitted. This must be done to assure the American people trust what they are reading. AND, submit nothing classified, the American people demand total transparency!

I was outsourced 3rd time since 2008 ‘08 fired ‘11 hired by outsourcer ‘20 hired by outsourcer I have in-depth experience w/ these #H1B companies & their tech ppl They offer nothing above, beyond what #Americans offer EXCEPT the salary differential!

Holy Spirit please protect our Country and our President! @potus @realDonaldTrump @Franklin_Graham″

Hey @FBI @GBI_GA @BrianKempGA @GeoffDuncanGA & @GaSecofState, why are there boxes of GA mail ballots hidden in warehouse in Fulton County, many shipped from Arizona? GA election was a fraud. Do your damn jobs.”


Alcoholic soup in a cup now on sale to keep Japan warm and buzzed this winter

Artistic cafe brings healthy Santa Claus to the table in six colourful smoothies

Bank Of Japan Now The Biggest Owner Of Japanese Stocks With $434 bil Portfolio

Burger King Japan’s new Plant-Based Whopper tastes amazing

Burger King releases new Plant-Based Whopper in Japan

C-suite the last frontier for foreigners eyeing Japan, Inc

Canada’s Bacon Mushroom Melt is coming to Wendy’s Japan!

Elderly Wakayama woman arrested for hacking her local supermarket’s self-checkout

Honda taps buyouts for workers over 55 in shift to tech-savvy talent

Japan now has video gamer chiropractic treatments to reduce discomfort

Japan to Limit Land Purchases near Military Bases After Chinese Spending Spree

Japan’s asteroid sample returns home

Japan’s machinery orders soar in latest sign of economic comeback

Japanese Cat’s Tongue tumblers cool to perfect drinking temperature in 3 minutes for those with sensitive tongues

Japanese organic doughnuts company collab with Hello Kitty to create the cutest Christmas treats

Japanese photog captures Mt. Fuji and Lake Suwa, lights glimmering like jewels before dawn

Look again – The new Kirby Cafe burger isn’t actually a hamburger

McDonald’s fries in Japan suddenly start tasting like cosmetics

Mitsubishi Heavy prepares controller for drones 1,000 km away

Mitsubishi Heavy to lead Japan’s fighter project with Lockheed – Nikkei Asia

Mitsubishi wins $663m train car contract in Myanmar

Monster Hunter movie line to be removed globally following backlash in China

Mos Burger teams up with Dassai sake brand for a very unusual milkshake

Post office manager sacked for embezzling 130 million yen in stamps

Rainbow ramen now being served in Japan to spread happiness through noodles

Sapporo Snow Festival moves to effectively cancel event for first time in history

Tokyo has a cafe lounge that’s for negative people only

Tour a stylish, minimalistic Muji House in new downtown Tokyo showroom

Toyota rolls out latest Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Winter-only Japanese KitKat flavour combines chocolate with a decadent sweet


Huge majority of Aussies ready to boycott China

House Rams Through TPS Amnesty for Hong Kong Residents, Chinese Citizens

There Would Be Nothing Temporary About TPS for Hong Kongers

The woman at the center of the operation, a Chinese national named Fang Fang or Christine Fang, targeted up-and-coming local politicians in the Bay Area

Leaked Chinese Memo Warns Of “Thucydides Trap” With US, “War Is Unavoidable”

$400 Million SEC Filing Links Dominion, UBS, China

Chinese Foreign Minister Calls for ‘Reset’ in Relations Under Biden

Chinese Media: Biden Will Stop U.S. Allies from Confronting Beijing

CNN’s Dr. Wen Urges Americans to Cancel Christmas

DNI John Ratcliffe: China Using ‘Gene Editing’ to Boost Military

FBI Warns State, Local Police About China Targeting People On U.S. Soil

I actually don’t think China or its citizens should be able to own any real estate in America

Powell: Evidence of Fake Ballots Continuing to Arrive From China and Mexico

Red alert: Chinese boast of operatives ‘inside America’s core circle of power’

Report: Columbia U. Failed to Disclose $1 Million Gift from the Chinese Communist Party

US tech war could ground China’s ‘homemade’ jet

Crom Carmichael Outlines the Existential Threat of the Chinese Communist Party to America

‘Star’ Chinese banker jailed for life for stealing US$400 million from clients in Ponzi scheme | South China Morning Post

A new way for the highway as Africa struggles with Chinese debt

Australia must not sign more trade deals with China

China Coronaboom! Trade Surplus Sets Record High as World Reels From Pandemic

China is Asia’s No 1 military, economic threat: US commerce chief Wilbur Ross

China removes TripAdvisor as it ‘cleanses’ app stores

China unveils the latest generation of AI-powered security applications | Asia Times Financial

China’s Radical New Vision Of Globalization – NOEMA

Chinese Border Troops in Tibet Equipped with Exoskeleton Suits

Chinese Companies Made €1.5 Billion from Italy During Pandemic

Chinese influence stifles university free speech

Chinese Media: ‘Western Whites’ in Australia Racist for Outrage over Child Killer Graphic

Chinese Spy Caper Targeting Swalwell, Khanna Said To Be Common Practice

Discovery Channel Produces Show ‘Under Instruction and Supervision’ Of Chinese Communist Party, Boasts ‘Development of Socialism’

Does China really want to rule the world?

Hong Kong: Anti-Communist Media Mogul Jimmy Lai Facing Decade in Prison

How Pro-Beijing Communists Almost Stole the Election for Joe Biden—the Old-Fashioned Way

How to contain China

Huawei Developed ‘Uyghur Alert’ Race-Based Facial Recognition

Hunter Biden Email: Joe Biden, Chinese Business Partner Are ‘Office Mates’

India Skips Canada Meeting After Trudeau Weighs in on Farmer Protests0

Issa: China Has ‘3-Tiered’ Program w/‘Hundreds of Thousands of People That Act Like Spies’

Leaked Chinese Memo Warns Of “Thucydides Trap” With US, “War Is Unavoidable

Mike Pompeo Delivers Speech at Georgia Tech About Chinese Infiltration MIT Wouldn’t Allow

Palihapitiya on Speaking Out in Silicon Valley

PLA using ‘exoskeleton suits’ on Himalayan border

Pompeo hits out at CCP for poisoning US higher education

Silicon Valley tech giants PANIC as their deep state ties to communist China revealed

Stupid China declares trade war on itself

Trudeau Praises, Swears Allegiance to Chinese Dictatorship

Trump’s window for election subversion is closing

Why not a bill to impose death penalty on any American politician taking bribes from Chinese govt? Death penalty

YouTube Employs Chinese Communist ‘State Secrecy Bureau’ Software Engineers

Australia loves China’s money. What about its people?

Belt and Road paranoia will rumble on under Biden

Blackburn: Senate Should Investigate Biden Inc. Ties to China

CA’s Highest-Paid Govt Employee Worked for Org Tied to Chinese Espionage

CCP Looks to Regain Control of US Via Biden’s “Core Inner Circle,” Admits Trump Uncontrollable

China & The US Are Facing Off In The Third World

China cannot be a space partner with the US

China Escalates Its War on Cash

China may check foreigners’ religious practices

China detains Bloomberg News employee on suspicion of endangering national security

China Faces Another Coronavirus Outbreak in Major City, Focuses on Condemning U.S.

China Forces HK “Political Prisoners” Onto Buses For Re-education Camp

China miscalculates by baring wolf warrior trade tendencies

China trade: exports surge to record levels, as coronavirus lockdowns return to the West

China-Australia row: from trade to coronavirus and foreign interference

Gallup: Physical Health Faring Better than Mental Health During Pandemic

Globalism ChiCom Honey Trap Spy Infiltrated CA Politicians — Including Russia Hoaxer Eric Swalwell, FBI Says

Hostage diplomacy highlights Beijing’s increasingly darker side

India-China ties badly damaged due to Beijing’s dishonesty’

The Tsinghua connection: Xi recruits US big tech to his cause

US terminates five PRC-funded programmes disguised as “cultural exchanges”

China confiscates $4.2 billion in crypto assets from PlusToken scam

Farmers in India have right to demonstrate peacefully: Guterres spokesperson

Asian strongmen await Joe Biden with China card in hand

China and Pakistan ink military MOU to counter US-India pact

China’s billionaires set to dominate the world’s art market

China’s exports in November make biggest leap in nearly 3 years

Chinese Australians feel heat from worsening diplomatic friction

Chinese professor allegedly helping Huawei steal trade secrets in the U.S., admits to crime

Chinese Professor Pleads Guilty to Lying to FBI in Huawei-Related Case

Congress approves law that threatens Chinese listings

Crisis at Danke has China worrying about out of control fintech

Digital yuan trials for Hong Kong, Blockheads

Doxxing is intolerable in any civilised society

Entire Australian left demands surrender to China – MacroBusiness

Ex-Hong Kong lawmaker Baggio Leung flees city for Washington – Nikkei Asia

Fraud claims at Kandi deal new blow to Chinese listings in US

Global finance falls victim to China’s spyware campaign

Goldman Sachs seeks 100% ownership of China JV

India’s Gulf strategy is chasing Chinese phantoms

Japan’s Gundam Robot Takes BIG Step Forward

Nasdaq move may force diversity on Chinese corporate boards

New man, new plan to contain China at sea

Opinion | Beijing’s call for judicial reform spells end of Hong Kong system

Ratcliffe: China Is the Only Country with ‘Capability’ and ‘Specific Plan’ of ‘Taking Away the American Dream’

Ron Johnson: Media Had ‘Far Greater Interference’ in Our Election than Russia

The radars that could give the PLA an information edge in the South China Sea

Time to torch Australia’s dodgy CCP deals

US readying new sanctions on Chinese officials over Hong Kong crackdown

US terminates five PRC-funded programmes disguised as “cultural exchanges”

Xi sets new rules and goals to extend reign as China’s leader

China’s old ‘dragon’ Baidu leading the pack in AI technologies