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The US Chamber of Commerce‘s huge building in DC is full of cheap-labor lobbyists colluding to rig the US labor market to supress wages via immigration manipulation – a felony. The Chamber hangs a JOBS sign on the building, but jobs for whom? Not for Americans.

Real unemployment as of late 2020: over 26%Great Depression levels. Unemployed Americans out of the workforce more than 6 months are simply no longer counted as unemployed, and are simply ignored.

The RICO organized crime syndicate known as the US Chamber of Commerce will make up any lie to keep its cheap labor wage-fixing, market-rigging felony going.

They justify more mass immigration, all for their cheap labor business donors.

Not only do immigrants compete with Americans for jobs, they drive Americans out of entire industries, take them over, and in many cases steal and move those industries back to their home countries.

The Chamber argues this isn’t happening, when a quick look at gov’t data proves that it is – as does a short trip to Silicon Valley which is now occupied by 90% foreign workers.

Industries in Which Most Americans Can No Longer Work

• Construction + Landscaping jobs: American workers driven out, both industries now 99% dominated by below-minimum wage workers from Mexico. Construction jobs used to pay American workers anywhere from $18-$60/hr. Now Mexican workers have replaced them for $2/hr under the table, cash. No questions asked. EEOC never enforces laws on builders and landscape company owners. Business is getting away with crime.

• Silicon Valley, created by white American males is now 95% Indians, Chinese, and only a handful of white + black Americans left. The entire valley and nearly every STEM job in America is now occupied by foreign H-1B workers.

• Medical + Healthcare, reasearch, and scientist jobs – now flooded with foreign workers and fake industrial spies from China _ India on illegal H-1B visas.

Tens of millions of Americans have been driven from these industries that they created forever – never to work in them again, despite decades of proven success + advanced degrees.

Americans are not even considered for these jobs, nor counted as unemployed if they have been out of the workforce longer than 6 months. Some job ads for tech jobs even advertise illegally only for foreign workers on visas. American STEM workers are deliberately excluded and never interviewed, all of which is illegal under US law, and EEOC rules.

Homeless camps are growing all over America. If immigrants are creating jobs, why are more and more Americans becoming homeless?

Eric Weinstein: ‘The reason we have sky high STEM immigration is wage tampering’

The mass replacement of American skilled workers by tens of millions of foreign workers is without precedent. The US Chamber of Commerce knows full well what is happening – it makes its money from donations from business interests, which effetively legally bribe the Chamber to lobby in Washington DC for more unlimited cheap labor.

The Chamber is now the biggest lobby in DC – bigger than all Wall St lobbyists, corporate lobbyists, and foreign lobbyists. The Chamber has a huge office building in DC and has hundreds of full time lobbyists who lobby congresspeople to make sure open borders remain, and that no immigration laws or EEOC rules are never enforced. Congress does not care about enforcing immigration laws such as Title 8, because it is being paid not to care. It simply looks the other way and ignores the existing labor laws on the books – all because Chamber members (the business community) insures that its deamands are met.

Business and the Chamber illegally manipulate the labor market via mass immigration to keep wages down. This illegal market collusion is not only a felony on Federal law books, but it also violates RICO laws which prevent racketeering, which is exactly what the Chamber is engaging in.

In short, the Chamber of Commerce has become a white collar organized crime network across the US – taking money from business interests, and rigging markets in their favor.

All of this, of course is illegal.

Immigrants do typically compete for jobs with native-born workers, in fact, they fully displace them from the workforce – many of them forever. Not only are jobs filled by immigrants jobs that could be filled by unemployed Americans, they jobs that were previously filled by Americans – who were driven out + displaced.

The US Chamber is lying. Since the H-1B visa caps were increased in 1998 and 2000, the US workforce participation rate has declined, and has never recovered. Millions of American workers were displaced, and are now jobless – many for close to 20 years. If the new immigrants were creating 8.1 million jobs as claimed, the US labor force participation rate would be rising, not declining. Until 2000 US workforce participaton was steadily climbing 0 until the work visa increaes of 1998 + 2000. As the graph shows the US labor force participation rate began plummeting a year later – and has never recovered. The Chamber is simply lying.

Silicon Valley was mostly white Americans until 2003. After the visa increases were passed in 1998 + 2000, millions of Americans were driven from Silicon Valley, replaced by incoming foreign workers. Millions of them. Companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Adobe – built by Americans – are now occupied by armies of foreign workers. Anyone who claims immigrants do not compete with Americans for jobs, is simply lying. Reams of gov’t data prove otherwise.

India’s media admits the H-1B visa program is a scam designed to fool Americans.

While the US economy does not contain a fixed number of jobs, the US economy is not creating enough new jobs at a rate to keep both millions of displaced American workers + millions of immigrants employed. Immigrants are taking jobs from Americans, whom they displace. The US economy simply does not create enough new jobs every year for everyone. To deal with this uncomfortable fact, the US Dept. of Labor simply no longer counts most unemployed Americans in unemployment data – acting as if they don’t exist.

Several studies have proven all new job growth since 2000 has gone to immigrants. Immigrants are displacing Americans in existing jobs. And Americans are not getting any of the new jobs being created. Americans driven from the workforce more than 6 months are simply no longer counted as “unemployed” by the Dept. of Labor – a convenient way to manipulate unemployment data to claim Americans are not being harmed by immigrant job competition – and to claim tens of millions of Americans are not out of jobs.

All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants

Number of U.S.-born not working grew by 17 million

The Chamber regularly works with foreign staffing companies such as India’s InfoSys to make sure the cheap foreign labor continues to flow. Most of this activity, is in fact, illegal collusion to rig labor market prices by oversupplying the labor force, which drives down wages in the US. InfoSys was fined a record $32 million by the Dept. of Justice for engaging in H-1B visa fraud. But Chamber President Tom Donahue sees nothing wrong in colluding with InfoSys criminals to continue to rig the US labor market.

Yes, Immigration Hurts American Workers

Many of the immigrants we import from Asia hate Americans and want American gone. This video from an economic conference in Shanghai, China proves this.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – now a complete demographic replacement – far beyond mere “job competition” – which the Chamber claims is not happening.