Got news for you America, almost all of our politicians are taking cash from Communist China.

Another trade junket.

And we continue to educate our mortal enemy while our own kids gets squeezed out of our own schools due to sheer numbers.

No wonder China keeps getting smarter and Americans keep getting dumber.

The big question now is: how much foreign cash is the Governor taking from the CCP?

Trading with Enemies is what caused World War 2 – that and a depression caused by mass importation of cheap foreign labor.

It would appear that history is repeating itself and our ignorant pols have not learned from history.

Neither Lexmark nor GE are Chinese companies, although the later got bought out by the Chinese.

The governor is too blind to see that what is happening is the CCP is buying up American industry + real estate.

And soon they will own us.

This is what Lenin meant when he said America’s “deaf, mute, blind” men would “rejoice to cooperate in their own destruction”.

America is doomed because of our sellout politicians.

Strong delusion indeed.

“In less than a year, Bevin has led a trade mission to China, becoming the first US governor to attend the inaugural China Import Expo in Shanghai, and hosting a China-US governors’ summit in his state. He even threw a New Year’s party for Chinese students at the governor’s mansion in Frankfort in February.

“Even if other states are afraid or uncertain or want to wait, Kentucky will lead the way,” Bevin told China Daily in the Kentucky Capitol building“.