If not, this has to be some of the worst English ever written in the history of the world.


Behavioral Specification

“The Authz file may be specified in one of four forms a location inside a repository, a relative path within the repository being accessed, a absolute file path outside of the repository or a relative file path outside of the repository. The file would then be read from the location specified, parsed and the results cached for a single connection as is already the case with the existing external file path implementation. There is one exception to the current behavior which is the –config-file option to svnserve which causes the Authz file specified in the config file to be cached for the entire time svnserve runs, this one case is troublesome.

These four forms allow for Authz to be used out of the same or a different repository and in the case of the SVNParentPath mod_dav_svn option or -d option to svnserve allows for each repository to contain its Authz file”.