Szétverték az alkalmazottak az egyik indiai iPhone-gyárat ...

In India, when they trash a factory, they really do it right.

Well that Make In India thing is getting off to a bad start.

As always, Indians are more concerned about image + saving face than about anything else.

But…. imagine being an Indian worker at the plant, getting a nice new shinny job there, then not getting paid after a few months.

Imagine the rage.

But now imagine being an American tech worker who worked 80 hours a week for 20 years – around the clock – for 2 decades, in America, only to have your entire life, home, income, career, car, savings, everything you worked for stolen by these same people.

Now imagine 10-20 million Americans having that happen to them.

Would you be enraged?

Well that is exactly what has happened in America, to American tech workers, and yet there has not been one single riot, no violence, no destruction, no smashing Apple or Google offices back into the stone age.

American tech workers, who have had the biggest heist in all of human history foisted on them, have simply quietly gone away – without so much as a peep.

“The Centre wants to limit damage to the country’s image as it’s pushing for big-ticket investments in manufacturing with new production-linked incentive schemes lined up for various sectors, the officials said”.

Wistron damages from Indian riot close to NT$1.7bn