What excuse won’t the criminal defamer use for stealing jobs from other countries?

Since Premji went on CNBC in the US defaming US tech workers once, we all know the biggest structural injustices are India Inc staffing companies invading the US and targeting Americans for removal from the workforce.

The next time Premji sets foot in the US, he should be arrested for both criminal defamation, and mass H-1B visa fraud his company is doing.

The biggest structural injustice in the US today are 1000s of India Inc staffing companies driving US citizens from jobs illegally. Mass unemployment is being caused by these criminals.

We can assure you Wipro is a RICO organized crime company doing massive visa fraud in the US.

It’s not America’s fault India licked Russia’s communist boots for 60 years and never invented anything. Try creating something instead of blamer others, you loser.


Structural injustice and systemic racism: Premji’s company Wipro only hires Indian workers, as this photo shows. Premji, right, must be arrested.