As one Auschwitz survivor said “Everyone remembers what Germany did to the Jews, but no one talks about what the Jews did to Germany“.

The truth is Hitler and the 3rd Reich rose by bote of the German people because the Warburg bankers took over that country’s industrial and financial system and wrecked the Germany economy – much as Jews have now done the same to America.

America is not a nation of immigrants – 84% of the current population was born here. And every time the US has opened to immigration in the past 120 years, it has led to economic disasters, just as it has led to today’s economic disaster for America.

The major cause of the Great Depression was the mass importation of cheap foreign labor during a huge immigration wave from 1906-1920. The US had to have a world war to get out of it.

This article is pure open borders globalist propaganda.

22 years of mass open borders have been a disaster for America.

Since the floodgates opened in 1999 with H-1B visa increases, US labor workforce participation has plummeted and has never recovered. Americans can no longer work in their own country.