Former immigration lawyer and open borders Forbes shill Stuart Anderson is rejoicing at the corruption in our courts – most of whom are openly ignoring Title 8 of immigration law, and mass H-1B visa fraud and wage-fixing collusion going on in the US.

The undercurrent of the message here is: see the courts threw it out a 3rd time, so Trump must be wrong.

Notice the deceptive language: “inflate” is used to describe an H-1B minimum wage that hasn’t been raised in 30 years even though inflation is 4%/year, and market wages for skilled technical workers in the US is $150K+ today. H-1Bs can legally be brought in for the prevailing wage set in 1990: $60K/year – as long as the regulations don’t set a higher minimum prevailing wage – which the DHS did last month.

This makes H-1B a rigged illegal labor market.

How can a prevailing wage not raised in 30 years while market wages have risen 3X be considered reasonable?

The H-1B program was put in place to create captive, controlled workers, who cannot change jobs to get a higher salary, in order to fix wages. “Prevailing wage” is no longer prevailing, and was a sham to keep wages low from day one.

But courts won’t recognize a “prevailing wage” – instead they prefer irrelevant tiny technicalities to throw out government regulations.

Corrupt courts have become the makers of law in America. If they don’t like a law or regulation, they simply ignore it.

The business lobby loves to collude to fix wages + rig labor markets – all of which are Federal crimes. Tampering with market prices is a Felony under Federal law.

Using the word “inflate” is a clever psyops to make readers think any rise in the H-1B prevailing wage is unreasonable and excessive, when in fact the prevailing wage of 30 years ago is unreasonably under-inflated.

The H-1B program must be ended now because it is an illegal collusion.

These kinds of articles are PR, and are designed to condition readers to think there is nothing wrong with artificially keeping H-1B wages low, when in fact, market wages for these workers has risen 3X in the past 30 years.

“Ken Cuccinelli at the Department of Homeland Security said up to 200,000 H-1B professionals could lose their jobs under the DHS H-1B regulation. Many other potential H-1B visa holders, including recent international students, would become too expensive to be employed under the Department of Labor’s rule”.

So, there you have it: Anderson just admitted H-1B is all about cheaper labor. It has nothing to do with skills. What about the 10 million US citizen workers who lost their jobs due to illegal cheap labor rigged under H-1B laws? Shouldn’t citizens come before foreign students? Why do foreign students have first crack at US jobs? What kind of gov’t represents foreign nationals but not its own citizens?

“Too expensive” is the business lobby’s 21st century rally cry, even if rigging the labor market is illegal.

The prevailing wage rigged and kept at the 1990 $60K/year level insures a steady supply of illegally cheap labor under H-1B for business. Without this gov’t-fixed, set-in-stone, 30-year-old low wage, H-1B would be irrelevant to business.

The H-1B program is illegal collusion to set market prices – a Federal crime.

Anyone who dares to raise the gov’t-fixed, set prevailing wage will be sued into oblivion.

H-1Bs are supposed to be temporary workers who augment the US workforce, not replace it. Who cares if they lose their jobs? By law they are supposed to lose their jobs when Americans are unemployed.

H-1B and international students are a cheap labor racket. No wonder America is in decline – its own people are being kept out of the workforce.

The illegal cheap labor collusion cabal, including Stuart Anderson, are continuing to get away with Federal crimes.