That’s right. The bankers, Wall St., the greedy corporations, all of whom did H-1B visa fraud to illegally replace American workers have so destroyed the US econ for their own benefit that revolution is now inevitable.

The Wall St’ers and corporations know this, and their only card left is to throw free money (debt) at the people they ruined – the American middle class.

In any other country in the world, the people would have revolted long ago.

“In an interview with The Business of Business, host Gregory Ugwi asked Chavez if he agrees with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who says “there should be no billionaires in the US as long as there are poor families,” adding that venture capitalist Paul Graham says that income inequality is a “natural part of capitalism, and a sign that the process is working.”

Except that neither gross income inequality, nor redistribution are part of capitalism. As Henry Ford once said “I have to pay my people enough to enable them to buy my product”.

Elites got that way by illegally manipulating the labor supply via mass immigration, and displacing American workers – all via visa fraud and Title 8 violations. That’s why those laws were put in place to begin with – to prevent another Great Depression from happening. The laws are being ignored by the gov’t because corporations now buy and own the gov’t.

Revolution would be preferable to the US going full commie.