It’s not ‘xenophobic’ if they invade Silicon Valley, take over, steal the entire industry, and throw the Americans who created it into the streets.

These people were supposed to be here only temporarily.

America has every right to be afraid and angry at these armies of looting thieves from India.

Ten million of these people – the size of 20 large armies – have silently invaded the US since 1998.

America is being silently invaded.

It is the duty of the US gov’t to protect Americans from foreign invasion.

Don’t be cowed by the anti-white language. These people are xenophobic, Americans aren’t.

US Federal immigration law is quite restrictive and bans any alien from working in the US if it harms American workers.

Trump didn’t institute any new immigration policies – he merely enforced laws already on the books.

Does Jayapal even know the law?

Y2K visa overstayers Indian invaders want to “transform the immigration system” so it only benefits Indians. Don’t be fooled by words.

“The resolution also promotes social, civil and economic integration while modernizing and strengthening humanitarian pathways to the US while addressing root causes of migration”.

The root causes of migration are that Indians are too dumb + lazy to build anything of their own in their own country, so they have come here to take what we have built. Try fixing your own country and you won’t need to steal others’.

Democrat Pramila Jayapal: Trump ‘Trying To Use The Court System’ Is ‘Obstruction Of Justice’

Among the things overhead by Capitol Hill Seattle Blog during a recent town hall was Congressmember Pramila Jayapal telling student leaders to “never lead with facts.”

Welcome to Silicon Valley – now home to 95% racist xenophobic Indian thieves. Indians do not want “diversity” – they want total takeover. What is just and humane about stealing America’s most valuable industry and kicking its creators to the curb? The immigration system sure doesn’t work for Americans who worked 80 hours a week for 30 years to build Silicon Valley. We’re being robbed, America.