The Indian Mafia is trying to take control of US immigration law + policy.

Not so temporary after all, are they?

America never, ever let these racists in. We knew it was a disaster 22 years ago, and we know it’s still a disaster today.

Why are India Incs and their 99% Indian workers allowed to monopolize all STEM hiring in the US?

It violates EEOC rules, Title 8, the US Civil Rights Act, and several other laws.

The organized crime India Inc RICO companies continue to be allowed to run roughshod over Americans and all other immigrants.

Immigration Voice is a 100% all-Indian organized crime syndicate. Their agenda is not immigration. Their agenda is racist Indian immigration and takeover to the exclusion of everyone else.

And Silicon Valley is 95% illegally occupied by Indian workers – in violation of the same Federal laws mentioned above? Why is one industry in the US allowed to get away with such racism?

Indian-origin lobbyists are rallying India’s many visa workers to pressure Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) to remove his China-related amendment from Sen. Mike Lee’s S.386 green card giveaway bill.

“Please act IMMEDIATELY and with utmost URGENCY. We need this email to go out in LARGE numbers & for there to be a LOT of calls,” said a Facebook message from Immigration Voice, a group which has organized a very aggressive series of street protests against GOP and Democratic legislators.

The message also included a veiled threat to restart the harassment of U.S. politicians who do not pressure Scott:

We will view this as a direct intent to permanently maintain an Indian Exclusion Act in the United States, and will act accordingly in our interactions with all of our local representatives. The time has come to end our suffering and pass our bill, not to give in to every cynical attempt to block our bill from passing”.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – 95% illegally occupied by Indian racists who were supposed to be temporary guest workers. An Indian Exclusion Act is needed, because these people are disgusting virulent racists taking over and excluding anyone who is not Indian. Let these racists in, you will be driven from your own industry, and your own home. Only in America can temporary guest workers invade, call themselves constituents, and then deamand a race-based bill be passed. S.386 would effectively hand all STEM hiring to Indian nationals in the US forever.

Truthbetold17 hours ago

“Stop ALL worker visas until Americans are all back to work again. American must protest ALL foreign agents in elected office who sacrifice American interests for foreigners and foreign governments.

  • anaveragejoe Truthbetold17 hours ago You don’t ever make America great by putting foreign interests ahead of America. Would India or Indians tolerate Americans taking their jobs in India?”