This is what happens when you outsource all your IT in Federal agencies to better, faster, cheaper India Incs.

India is supposed to be our ally, and superior IT workers, so much so we had to keep letting them in on the Trump EO H-1B exclusions.

And this is the result.

We can’t recall this ever happening at such a critical level ever in the past in America. Once upon a time everything worked perfectly in America.

Not anymore. 22 years of outsorucing to India has weakened everything.

Just more proof that we need to keep our own jobs and our own government under the control of our own people.

Cost-cutting, and cheap labor, but at what price?

“FireEye, which is tracking the ongoing intrusion campaign under the moniker “UNC2452,” said the supply chain attack takes advantage of trojanized SolarWinds Orion business software updates in order to distribute a backdoor called SUNBURST”.