Asian lawmakers?

That’s racist.

Just shows what India is really doing in America: a full-on anti-white takeover + invasion.

These people are America’s enemies.

If the gov’t of India + India Incs can install one of their foreign agents into the Sec. of Labor position in the US, it will be over for American workers forever.

This is foreign control of our gov’t.

Enforcement + combating H-1B visa fraud will be impossible, and Americans will have no recourse to their gov’t for the illegal foreign invasion and takeover of US jobs on US soil by Indian job robbing thieves. If installed, an Indian head of the DOL will simply look the other way. We will have de facto open borders, which is what India wants.

The simple fact is the gov’t of India is placing its agents into key positions in the US gov’t so that there will be no enforcement of US immigration laws.

Asian Americans Among Biden’s Possible Cabinet Picks

Welcome to Silicon Valley – home of armies of H-1B illegal invaders.

They even out one of their own Ro Khanna (2nd from left) into

Congress to make sure other races can never work in Silicon Valley again.