CATO Institute and David Bier must have been taken over by NASSCOM and India Incs because Bier actually issued a guide saying we need to “deregulate” all immigration – in other words open borders.

Either Bier is a radical brainwashed communist or else foreign powers such as India are paying CATO to push this crap.

Mr. Bier is calling for the overthrow of US immigration law.

This is labor market manipulation, people – a Federal crime.

Americans do not benefit from being run out of their jobs and having their wages driven down, no matter how much Mr. Bier says so.

“Deregulating Legal Immigration” is codeword for open borders.

“The guidebook reflects the political shift of big business from the increasingly populist GOP towards the increasingly progressive Democratic Party. The new alliance promises to spike Wall Street with a wave of government-delivered consumers and workers, albeit with minimum wages set by the Democrats.

Bier helped write the December 18 guidebook, titled “Deregulating Legal Immigration: A Blueprint for Agency Action”.