Criminal defamer of US tech workers, and founder of H-1B organized crime syndicate Wipro, Azim Premji just got off the hook in court.

The criminal has billions and it’s not hard to buy off judges + courts with that kind of money.

Premji + Wipro are conducting mass H-1B visa fraud all over America – targetting Americans for removal from the job market, and violating at least 3 US Federal laws.

Nothing is ever done to Wipro, and Azim Premji is never arrested when he sets foot in America. Because of his money, the US gov’t doesn’t dare touch him.

“The Supreme Court on Friday stayed criminal proceedings initiated by a Karnataka court against former chairman and managing director of Wipro, Azim H. Premji, his wife and chartered accountant G.V. Rao on the basis of a “mischievous” private complaint alleging breach of trust and corruption in the merger of three companies with a Premji group firm.

A Bench led by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul stayed the trial court’s January order taking cognisance of the complaint and summoning Mr. Premji and the others after the Karnataka High Court refused in May to quash the lower court’s order”.

Criminal defamer of US tech workers, Azim Premji right, and his 100% all-Indian team of illegal H-1B workers who remove Americans from the workplace and illegally take jobs in the US. Wipro and Premji are knowingly doing H-1B visa fraud all over the US, but nothing is ever done about it. Wipro‘s RICO rampage on Americans continues unabated.