Good. Last thing America needs is more foreign job robbers.

It’s not America’s fault the people of Hong Kong are unable to preserve their liberty.

Now when will you stop S.386 Mr. Cruz?

“Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), at the last minute on Friday, blocked a Democrat-backed bill that would have created a pipeline for Hong Kong citizens to come to the U.S. under Temporary Protection Status or asylum, which virtually would allow for a massive transfer of migrants into the country.

The bill, the Hong Kong People’s Freedom and Choice Act, Cruz said, would allow Democrats “to advance their long-standing goals on changing [US] immigration laws.”

Finnegan A45475 hours ago

The CCP sends huge numbers of Chinese here to give birth so they can claim US citizenship and have been doing so for decades “to exploit the system and insert spies into the U.S. population.” Why hasn’t this been stopped?