Well, Americans can only take so much. Having hundreds of trillions of their industries stolen by millions of H-1B job robbers and other foreign industrial spies since 1990.

Americans have had to endure 3 decades of lies, deceit, fake PR, criminal defamation, job loss, divorce, poverty, and death – all at the hands of armies of criminals from India + China throwing them out of jobs in their own country.

So no wonder “hate crimes” are on the rise.

Hate crimes or merely defending your country from invasion and destruction?

The FBI will never even mention the biggest mass organized hate crime in the US: the H-1B visa program which targets millions of Americans for removal from the workforce – all at the hands of Indians + Chinese.

As soon as anyone exposes what the Indian Mafia are doing to Americans in America, S Asian racist organizations immediately scream “hate crime” and “racism” to cover up what they are doing in America.

When will you prosecute H-1B hate crimes on Americans, FBI?

His Body Was Behind the Wheel for a Week Before It Was Discovered. This Was His Life. – The New York Times