Let these criminal manipulating thieves in from China, and this is what you get. Still think this is good for us, or keeping America competitive?

Sadly, too many dumb Americans don’t even know what is going on.

Massive Chinese infiltration everywhere.

Never should have allowed foreign powers to take over and steal Silicon Valley from us.


buford gooch14 hours ago

“why do we need to use chinese products like zoom ? tiktok ? is this nation so consumed with selfies that we cannot make our own products here in the US ? if you sleep with dogs, you get fleas, let’s put the dog out for the night shall we ?

  • Secure the Parameter buford gooch13 hours ago Because our cooperate billionaire culture farms every tech job out to either India or China over Americans …I worked for several techs not only do they ship development work out to foreign entities they also import H1B in country whenever possible all to save a buck so Americans get screwed coming and going…”