What innovation would that be?

Largest beneficiary, India to be hit hard by overhaul

You’re not as American as anyone else is – you’re working for India Inc and propaganizing Americans.

More bitching + moaning about a fake “green card backlog” which was created because of all the H-1B abuse Indians are doing in the US. These people were supposed to be temporary Y2K workers and go back to India in 2003 when Y2K ended.

Instead they all filed for greencards – 800,000 of them. And now they never want to leave.

They were never supposed to be here long term, they were never supposed to get green cards. They were never supposed to displace millions of Americans from their jobs, which is what has happened.

Stop lying, Fraudhwa.

H-1B has been a total disaster for America – driving us trillions into debt by destroying the US tax base, and shipping tens of millions of good US jobs back to India. Gov’t data proves this.

Silicon Valley was built by white Americans and stolen by armies of these H-1B frauds. America is being looted by India with this fake “immigrant innovation” nonsense.

They are here to get trained by Americans, grab dollar remittances, and ship all our jobs + industries back to India.

These people are armies of thieves.

Fraudhwa as he is better known was CEO of two Silicon Valley tech companies, ran both into the ground, got sued by one of them, had a heart attack, and then became a “researcher and academic”.

Today he works for NASSCOM, India’s IT lobby which regularly pays to get this fraud shill into western media to hype up foreign workers so they can break in and loot us.

He’s worse than the worst fast-talking used car conman salesman you have ever encountered.

And he’s most likely a foreign agent of the gov’t of India as well.

Fraudhwa, left, and Narenda Modi, prime minister of India.

Is Fraudhwa an Unregistered Foreign Agent of the gov’t of India?

Silicon Valley – built by Americans, stolen by Asians.

5-10 million H-1B invaders since 2000 have not been good for America. They have collapsed the US tax base, driving it into debt, as they remove Amercans from the workforce and ship all our jobs offshore. Fraudhwa is lying. This is not good for America. What is good for America is the massive tax surplus American workers created during the 1990’s long before these lying, cheating, conmen thieves broke into America and robbed us blind. In fact, Wadhwa should be arrested for subversion. Can he prove he actually created the 1000 jobs he claimed he did? If not he should be deported.

‘It’s pretty incredible how many of the smartest people in Silicon Valley came here on H1B visas.’

Except they’re not – they were all trained by Americans. Silicon Valley was merely stolen + taken over by these thieves – who now take credit for its success.

Can anyone name one Big Tech US company created + made successful entirely by Indians? No, no one can – because none exist. These people are lying, cheating parasites.

South Asians for Biden want you your tech job – all 5 million of them.