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As soon as India Inc staffing companies open in any country – such as this Tata Consultancy Services office just east of Tokyo Tower – corruption of gov’t begins and a nation’s native people are left defenseless against the ravages of parasite looter India.

The same thing that happened to America 20 years ago – foreign takeover of gov’t + companies is now starting in Japan.

Policies that favor foreigners over native Japanese.

You can bet this is all run by the India Inc mafia just as it is in the US.

As soon as Tata and other India Inc offices appeared in Japan, the policy of the Japanese gov’t changed – and began favoring foreigners over natives.

Traitors in gov’t.

The Indian Mafia began working its corruption on Japanese politicians.

The failed loser state of India wants what everyone else works to build.

India will dump 10 million Indians into Japan and in 20 years Tokyo will be just another hellhole that looks like CA. CA, once the envy of the world has already been ruined by Indian invaders. Most of Silicon Valley has been stolen and moved back to India. What tech jobs are left in America are now occupied by armies of H-1B Indians.

India is using fake staffing companies to silently invade other countries.

India is the parasite of the world.

We can assure you, unlike Americans, the Japanese are not going to go quietly.

It is the prime duty of every gov’t to protect its own people from invasion.

The Japanese people want an investigation into the Japanese government


“The Japanese government’s refusal to disclose the nationality of its politicians and draft a spy law, which the Japanese people have repeatedly demanded, calls for an investigation into the possibility that spying is already widespread. Policies are in place that favor foreigners over the Japanese. They refuse to listen to the voice of the Japanese people. The Japanese government has a kinder policy towards anti-Japanese education in Korea and China.”

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