We don’t really have time to cover all these H-1B/Invasion news stories, so we’ll just add a brief comment on each.

Fair Lending violator STILT proves H-1B salaries are way lower than market wages:

Where Should H1-B Visa Holders Live? H1-B Stats, Average Salaries & More

This, of course, is illegal under Title 8 of Federal law with 30 million Americans out of work:

H-1B visas in post-Trump US: An attorney ponders

More cheap labor + job robbery by H4 visa holders:

Lawmakers urge Biden to extend work authorisations to H-1B holders’ spouses

H1B visa: 60 American lawmakers urge Biden to extend work authorisations

9th Circ. Bashes Feds For Parsing Synonyms In H-1B Row

Indian Call-Center Plot Fooled Americans Into Paying Over $14 Mil

Biden will be just another open borders commie if he takes office:

CBP Commissioner: Biden’s Border Policy Signals Open Borders to Migrants, Drug Cartels

The rigged labor market – Biden Foundation

As you may recall, VMWare kicked all its American developers out a few years back and replaced them all with illegal H-1B Indian workers. And this is now the result:

VMware: Remote work advances environmental, diversity, inclusion goals

Massive anti-white racism @ Intel. And this after a failed Indian-origin engineer nearly destroyed the company:

Engineer says Intel favored Indian workers in promotions

No wonder because Intel CEO Bob Swan demands more cheap illegal H-1B labor from DC:

Bob Swan: Open Letter to President-elect Biden

Another racist pro-Indian IT worker book:

High-Tech Housewives: Indian IT Workers, Gendered Labor

Wistron found to be committing violations of labor laws in Indian iPhone assembly plant

No they won’t – they’ll further weaken America. More open borders cheap labor to destroy America:

Anti-Trump RINO Says Biden’s 125,000 Refugees-a-Year Agenda Will Strengthen America

In other words, we’re going to watch everyone in their homes on cameras and fire all white males:

Commentary: How the distributed workforce of tomorrow can leave behind the racism of the past

In other words, foreign powers taking over our gov’t:

The year in young Asian Americans doing the political organizing that campaigns didn’t

100% Indians at a Microsoft event. Zero diversity:

Kapil Dev at Microsoft Event

Of course it is. As long as you’re able to break the law and replace Americans with cheap illegal H-1B workers from India. Staffing companies such as Accenturé make all their profits off replacing Americans with illegal H-1Bs from other countries:

Accenture’s strong growth a positive sign for Indian IT sector, say analysts

And a communist open borders Pope:

Vatican: Coronavirus Should Not Take Attention Away from Migrants

Jewish senator likens Trump immigration policy to US blocking Jews in 1930s

Well no one wants Jews in their countries since they have been proven to take over the financial + industrial systems of every country they enter. That includes the Warburg bankers in 1920’s Germany – which caused the Great Depression. And Alan Greenspan and his ilk in America:

Mexican president defends restrictive immigration policies