Americans are at the breaking point.

“If we look at the late 20th and now the 21st century it is critical to acknowledge that the main means of coercion of the population of a given nation is comfort“.

Which of course is an old tactic of the communist Chinese. “Food control is people control” as China’s former ambassador to the UN once said.

You will shut up and comply or you will be erased and excluded. It’s that simple.

“We have watched the glorious triumphant pith-helmeted European transform from heroic and rock solid at the beginning of the 20th century into a pathetic rotting farce of himself by the dawn of the new millennium. The West is dying out demographically, the ethics and morals of Christianity are gone, the amount of debt has gone beyond the event horizon, and it would seem the average person of European descent has nothing left to look forward to other than pills, booze, marijuana and saving up for a PS5. This is not a shocking revelation, millions of people see this happening, but why is nothing done about it? Again we have to look back to comfort – the West has lived too well for too long after the final shots of WWII”.