Yep. There is nothing “temporary” about temporary guest workers. We’re being invaded. Overrun. Taken over. Millions of these parasites have moved to America permanently and have displaced Americans from their jobs.

Millions of Americans are unemployed. The real unemployment rate in America is near 30% – Great Depression Levels.

Even racist Michelle Goldberg @ NYT has stated she wants to replace white people.

Joaquin Castro is almost certainly a foreign agent and an enemy of America.

Title 8 says these people are not even admissible to the US for work if doing so adversely affects the wages or working conditions of Americans similarly employed.

Even if they are more skilled.

Why is Castro subverting US law?

“A group of House Democrats is seeking to permanently add foreign workers to the United States labor market by opening American citizenship to those who would otherwise be asked to return to their native countries after their visa expires.

Led by Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX), the House Democrats have introduced legislation that ties increased labor protections for American workers — forced to compete against an annual inflow of foreign workers — to permanently adding H-2B foreign visa workers to the labor market”.