Bullshit. We can assure you diversity did not build Silicon Valley – white people did.

White Americans build companies such as Apple, Asian thieves move in

and take them over. Diversity in the name of handouts + job robbing.

Stealing Silicon Valley: If diversity is good for IT why is Silicon Valley 95% Indians now?

Takeover does not equal creation. All of this talk of diversity is just an excuse to let foreign powers steal more American jobs and industries without opposition. And don’t you dare oppose it.

We can assure you – at job robbing companies such as Deloitte, there is zero diversity. These are job thieves – their “diversity” agenda is a cover for getting rid of white people. There is no diversity in IT anymore.

Diversity + invasion have been a disaster for America. People are fleeing CA by the millions – once the envy of the world. 20 years ago Silicon Valley was mostly white American males. Now that it’s flooded with 3rd world job robbers, no one wants to live there.

Good for IT?

Nope. Really bad for IT – and for the nation.

After all, white is the demographic that built Silicon Valley. There isn’t a single major Big Tech US tech company ever built by Indians – not one. Everyone else is jealous of white males who are successful and everyone else who isn’t.

The US economy has become a disaster since these people invaded. In 1998 the US had a huge tax surplus, no homeless, and no problems. Everyone had a job, and everything was great.

Not today.

These invaders caused both the 2002 collapse of Silicon Valley and the 2008 collapse of Wall St. by displacing the Americans who built those companies. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook. All built by Americans.

Americans build the companies, loser Asians move in and take them over. And collapse usually follows. Silicon Valley really has no future because of this. It’s one of the reasons CA is dying and people are fleeing.

Most lilkely this isn’t even a real Computerworld article – it’s most likely a paid NASSCOM PR piece designed to shore up more arguments for more H-1B job robbery invasion.


Because armies of H-1B job robbing invaders didn’t keep the state competitive as promised, lied, and shipped millions of its best jobs back to India + China.

Go back and watch the Apple WWDC 2013 vids and see how many non-white people there are.


Diversity has been a disaster for the US Federal budget.

American tech companies got invaded by India after Americans built them.

H-1Bs didn’t peform as promised and are largely here to steal our industries and grab dollar remittances.

Asian losers sure are jealous of white American men who built Silicon Valley.