Another article from David Bier at CATO – now a pro-open borders “think tank”.

Who are these “experts” and what makes them “experts”? Because they say so?

Did CATO hire a PR firm to get this article into The Hill?

Has India’s NASSCOM gotten to CATO and its people? Is NASSCOM paying them to write this junk. Bier is actually calling for deregulation of all immigration – effective open borders.

Are foreign powers paying US “think tanks” to pump these open borders lies which will harm Americans? Why is CATO suddenly so pro-open borders.

We need a full investigation into foreign influence @ CATO.

“Experts” are working for big biz, the cheap labor Chamber of Commerce lobby, and other illegal wage-fixers. And for foreign powers such as India which wants open borders to the US.

Manipulating the labor market is a Federal crime, but that is what these people are doing.

Mehta is an open borders subversive. How much RICO H-1B visa fraud is his office doing? We need a full DHS investigation.

What about US citizens? Why do immigrants and other foreign workers get “maximum benefits” while US citizens get ignored? Why do immigrants and non citizens have more status and privilege in America than American citizens do?