Just shows how out of touch these H-1B RICO visa fraud immigration racket lawyers know.

H-1B was vastly expanded in 1998 and 2001 when then-President Bill Clinton expanded H-1Bs from 65,000 per year to 115,000 then 195,000 per year respectively.

That massive invasion was what allowed India to steal Silicon Valley, and create a 800,000 mostly Indian “green card backlog” which was never supposed to exist. In 1998 the American people were promised the H-1B increases would be temporary workers for Y2K only – not a permanent invasion of close to a million people.

There is no “green card backlog” – it was caused by H-1B visa abuse and temporary workers who never left when they were supposed to. None of them should be granted green cards because they all overstayed their visas illegally.

The backlogs were created by H-1B hordes, not EB-5s or F1s.

Mehta doesn’t even know the history of H-1B – let alone how much it is harming American workers. Better get some education there, Mehta.