It only took Asians 20 years to wreck America. Millions of them coming in on H-1B promised to keep America competitive. The opposite has happened. Asia has grown while America is dying.

We’ve been duped.

Why is no one holding non-performing H-1B workers accountable for not doing what they said they would? And why do we continue to import them?

USA is now a Dystopia – ruined by opportunistic + parasitic Asians and Mexicans who have stripped-mined the US dry.

Why didn’t H-1B workers keep America competitive as promised?

“In the event you think I am exaggerating the direness of the situation, here is an emeritus professor at the Uniersity of Kent in Canterbury explaining the factual situation:  The situation is so bad that even the professor himself is trapped in his opponents’ use of language. He refers to the truths under attack as the “dissident views.”

In the Western World the policing and censorship of thought and expression has now been institutionalized.  As the native-born white inhabitants of these countries have no right or privilege to censor the attacks on them, they are set-up for second class citizenship leading eventually to extermination.  Their civilization will proceed them in extermination.  Indeed, it is already gone. White people are people without a culture and without a country”