Biden economic adviser was outspokenly critical of GOP-sponsored immigration policies

He (or she) wants to flood the US with more failed 3rd world blood-sucking parasites that are killing the US econ.

It’s dollars and jobs they want – and America has them.

More elitist plants inserted into our gov’t to serve special interests.

Gov’t is owned by business. And communists.

Capitalism isn’t broken – it just got robbed by failed communist countries. If we hadn’t given all our industries away to India + China for free, capitalist America would be doing just fine.

Can’t have a functioning economy without industries and jobs.

Ship the booming US economy offshore and replace all your workers at home with foreign remittance-hungry parasites, and then wonder why “capitalism” is “broken”. What a joke.

Gamble is most likely a communist.

One more reason to boycott eBay now folks. Stop using eBay. Drive them under.

Incoming Biden adviser’s last project said capitalism ‘fundamentally broken’

“President-elect Joe Biden announced Monday that he will appoint Joelle Gamble, who previously worked as a principal at the social-change investment firm funded by liberal billionaire Pierre Omidyar, as a top economic adviser”.