“Barr has again repeated in the face of conclusive evidence that the November presidential election was organized to be stolen and successfully was stolen that the Trump Justice Department has not found evidence of fraud sufficient to overturn the election.  But as we all know, the Department of Justice, like the courts, did not look at the evidence. If they look at the evidence, they will see massive electoral fraud, and they do not want to see it.  They want to be rid of Trump

Socially, the native born white population is demonized and under full-scale attack. Economically, the Federal Reserve seems to have finally reached the point at which its money printing is threatening the US dollar.”.

That’s to be expected, Mr. Roberts – after all, Barr is a former Verizon corporate lackey – you know the Verizon which illegally replaced 40,000 US workers with cheap illegal H-1B visa fraud workers from India.

That Bill Barr. That Verizon.

The US gov’t is run by and for corporatons and moneyed interests – anyone who thinks the US gov’t works for the people is delusional. Let’s not kid ourselves – that went out the window sometime in the 60’s or 70’s and never returned. Perhaps under Reagan briefly, which bought us a little time, but no more.

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