Another foreign agent inserted into our gov’t.

His only agenda, of course will be more H-1Bs and more open borders to let more job robbers pour in to steal jobs from America.

Soon our entire gov’t will be under foreign control.

“Indian American Neera Tanden, named to lead Director of the Office of Management and Budget, is another key member of Biden-Harris economic team”.

The council will help Biden and Harris “lift all Americans out of the current economic crisis — and build a strong, inclusive, and more resilient economy for the future,” the transition stated.

“Working families are struggling through the deepest, most inequitable economic and jobs crisis in modern history,” said Biden. “This is no time to build back the way things were before — this is the moment to build a new American economy that works for all.”

That’s what all the H-1B “COVID Heroes” let in on H-1B under Trump’s EO promised to do – and have failed to do. A “more inclusive economy” is codeword for making sure white Americans are driven out by India Inc staffing companies and are never allowed to work in their own country again.

We can assure you – the last thing Indians want is an “inclusive economy”

They want total domination and control – and they buy US politicians

to get it.