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Dec 23, 2020

Van Morrison Slams virus Hypocrisy: Politicians ‘Haven’t Missed a Paycheck Since Lockdown Began’

…Marlow: ’It’s Not the virus’ Locking Us Down ’It’s the left’

Americans Bought Approximately 21 Million Guns in 2020, Sales up 73%

‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson Rips Coronavirus Relief Bill: ‘Politicians Put People Out of Work, Killed Small Businesses’

Biden Greets Passage of ‘Relief’ Bill with Call for More Spending

Anti-Lockdown Protesters Force Way into Oregon Capitol, Some Armed

Biden to Dismantle U.S. Agreements with Central America

Bill Spends Hundreds of Millions Securing Borders in Middle East…

Billions Going to Foreign Aid in Bill: Gender Programs in Pakistan

Catholic League: ‘The Left Always Screws the Poor’

Dave Rubin: Lockdowns ‘Don’t Work’ and ‘Are Destroying Lives’…

China whistleblower with royal ancestry steps forward – reveals video, photos of alleged Chinese counterfeit ballot printing operations of US ballots for MS, FL and NC

Evidence Grows: ’20 Election Was Rigged

FNC’s Hilton: Millions Think Election Was ‘Rigged, Stolen and Illegitimate’

Govt Sends Out $600 Checks, Locks Americans Out of Business

Joe Biden’s Deputies Urge Intending Foreign Migrants to Be Patient

Swedish Academic Rejects Alleged Economic Benefits of Mass Migration

Ukraine Prosecutor Offered ‘High-Level’ Access to Clinton Campaign

World Economic Forum: Digital Davos 2021 to Reveal ‘Great Reset Initiative’

Birx Will Retire from Public Service After Travel Backlash

China Drafts Law Regulating How Much Guests Can Eat at Weddings

Central African Republic Accuses Russia of Invading It, Moscow Denies

French Law Would Ban People Who Don’t Get COVID Vaccine From Using Public Transport | ZeroHedge

Donald Trump Demands Congress Add $2000 Direct Payments to Coronavirus Relief Bill

Gabbard: Coronavirus Relief Package a ‘Slap in the Face’ to Struggling Americans

Pope to Receive Pfizer Vaccine

Russian Scientist Working on Coronavirus Vaccine ‘Falls Out’ of 14th Floor Window

Ted Cruz, 5 Other GOP Senators Vote Against 6,000-Page ‘Legislative Monstrosity’

Welsh Govt Bans Supermarkets Selling Toys Before Christmas

Wildfire smoke can carry microbes that cause infectious diseases

NBA Quiet on Chinese Slave Labor

Rhode Island’s Democrat Governor Caught at Wine Bar After Telling Residents to Stay Home

14-Year-Old Girl Shoots World Record 42-Point Buck in Kansas

Alec Baldwin Suggests Violent Punishments for President Trump

An Economist Rebukes The Economist | ZeroHedge

Antonio Sabato, Jr. Launches Conservative Film Company

Anti-Lockdown Protesters Force Way Into Oregon Capitol

Carney: Congress Should Not Have Cut Stimulus Payments

Customer at Ohio Restaurant Leaves $5,600 Tip in Time for Christmas

Evidence Grows: ’20 Election Was Rigged

Franklin Graham: ‘I Tend to Believe’ Trump’s Claim Election ‘Rigged’

GA Senate Report: Election workers purposely placed fraudulent ballots into final totals

House Passes 5593 Page Stimulus Bill Without Anyone Having Read It

Ivanka Trump Tells Georgians to Save America from ‘Oppressive Government’

Levin on SCOTUS: ‘They Have Done a Grave Disservice to This Country’

Lin Wood Sues Georgia Over Runoff Elections, Says State Is Violating U.S. Constitution

Michigan AG Nessel Threatens Prosecution for a Recording That Exposes Her Goon Vote-Counters

Michigan AG Nessel Threatens Prosecution for a Recording That Exposes Her Goon Vote-Counters

New Satellite Has “Superman’s X-Ray Vision” To See Through Buildings

Nolte: If Dr. Birx Doesn’t Worry About Coronavirus, Why Should Anyone Else?

Pork City: Here Are The Most Ridiculous Pet Projects In $900 Billion Stimulus Package

Psaki Claims ‘F**kers’ Swipe at GOP Was About ‘Working Together’

Reflections on the Bill of Rights

Scientists, MPs Ask “Where Is Evidence Of 70% More Contagious Mutant COVID?”

The dark secret of the ‘New Normal’

Trump Campaign Files 267-Page Motion At US Supreme Court Challenging Pennsylvania Rulings

Trump Signs Order Requiring Classical Architecture for Federal Buildings

Trump wants Supreme Court to overturn Pennsylvania election results

US May Require British Passengers To Prove They Don’t Have COVID Before Boarding Flights

Veteran and Wife Make 1,500 Toys for Needy Kids: ‘It’s Just a Great Feeling’

Watch: British Travellers “Held Against Their Will” At German Airports