Well General, hasn’t it yet occured to you that once we’ve given away all our companies + industries to our enemies, and they produce everything and we don’t, that they’re going to come for our land and put us into slavery too?

Trading With Enemies was the prime cause of World War 2, but that apparently is a lesson of history lost on you.

Industrializing your enemies is a really bad idea.

Don’t you know that in the 1920’s UK’s Rolls Royce sold Hitler the very aircraft engines and factories which were later used to firebomb London to the ground?

Don’t you know that in the 1920’s America’s greedy businessmen sold scrap steel to the Empire of Japan, which helped them build their planes + battleships?

Have you ever read a single book on military history and deception, General? Apparently not, because right now the US is making the same mistakes again by giving our industries away to our enemies, whose only goal is to put us out of business, and put us under.

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