As he works with to give more of our jobs and industry away to India.

Reckless Federal spending is one of the reasons the gov’t is trying to import more people: to try to make more taxpayers and more consumers to cover the massive Federal debt, due to pork-barrel spending and loss of our industries.

Problem is: it’s not working: the more invaders we bring in, the more they get tax-free jobs such as OPT and L-1 visa holders, and as they ship more of our industry offshore.

Displacing US workers from the taxpayer base and moving our industries offshore is what has caused the tax shortfall – which in turn forces gov’t to borrow $ to pay its bills.

In 1998 before the invasion, we had a massive tax surplus, Mr. Paul. Can’t have a good tax base with all the cheap labor mania going on. After all, you are helping to facilitate the cheap labor invasion, aren’t you?

Why are you talking about this, Mr. Paul as you work with our enemies to give away more of our industries?

Before the cheap labor invasion Sen. Paul helped facilitate,

the US had a massive tax surplus.

How much $ are you taking from Mr. Paul – in order to help facilitate the offshoring of our industries and replacement of the US worker tax base at home?

Americans would like to know. agent Rand Paul has a PR stunt too