Just as it has stolen most US IT companies, India has now set its sights on stealing America’s last crown jewel: Apple.

This could not have happened had India Inc not inserted one of it agents – Sabih Khan into Apple leadership.

This is how it starts: the Indian Mafia inserts one of its agents into a US company built by Americans, a takeover ensues, and all white people are removed from the company. The racist Indian Mafia doesn’t want white people succeeding. Then the company and its jobs are stolen and moved back to India.

Far from “keeping America competitive“, India is stealing our companies.

Americans do all the hard work of building the great companies, Indians walk in and steal them. India calls this “keeping America competitive”.

Without great companies stolen from America, India would have no credibility on the world stage.

These poeple are thieves.

India being the world’s #1 luster after prestige, and money, Apple would be a crown jewel in India’s mass theft of America’s IT industry.

Khan is now VP of Operations @ Apple – just the roll India would need to learn how Apple works internally – the critical element of moving Apple to India.

Unable to create anything of value for itself – and a total impossibility that India could create something like Apple – India has to steal great US companies built by Americans.

Apple began filling up with H-1Bs from India shortly after Steve Jobs’ death in 2011.

WIll Apple end up like Intel and Boeing – once might engineering powerhouses created by Americans but now dying and being relegated to 3rd-rate status because Indians took them over and destroyed them?

The pattern is clear and undeniable: everything Indians touch dies. How many more Boeings, Intels, Lehmans, and Sun Microsystems have to die before America stops the political correctness and admits doing deals with India is the industrial kiss of death.

Expect iPads and Macs to no longer be reliable in the near future.





Apple: created by Americans, invaded + stolen by Indian H-1Bs.

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