H-1B invasion sure has kept the Bay Area… competitive.

20 years ago when Americans ran it, it was the envy of the world.

Wells Fargo is a well-known hotbed of H-1B visa fraud, Title 8 displacement, and American worker removal.

You can’t have a functioning economy with companies filled with armies of remittance looters from India who send their pay right out of the country.

California is dying, and as the H-1B cancer spreads, so will the rest of America.

All 3 of the companies mentioned are filled to the ceilings with H-1Bs from India. Americans fled the disaster state long ago because they were displaced.

Has diversity made us stronger? No, it has destroyed us.

Common sense, America. Will you wake up in time?


Uber Lays Off 400 U.S. Employees, Imports Hundreds of Foreign Workers