Not a good idea to let in 5-10 million of the most racist people on earth, America.

And more are coming.

They have trashed STEM and CA, and the IT industry is a joke controlled by 95% Indian Mafia hiring.

India has one goal and one goal only: conquest + domination of the world.

How do “temporary visa workers” who were supposed to come to the US for Y2K in 2003 move in by the millions, never leave, and take over America’s most valuable industry?

Never before in US history has an entire US industry created by Americans been invaded and taken over by a foreign power on US soil, but that is exactly what has happened in tech in America.

Where is the EEOC which Americans pay $320 million a year to protect them from this kind of nasty 3rd world racism?

No wonder Americans can no longer find jobs in their own country: US has been invaded.

“Over the last 40 years, as millions of Indians have immigrated to the U.S., many for tech jobs, they’ve brought their caste system with them. The ancient Indian caste system has four tiers with Brahmins sitting comfortably at the top. But then there are the Dalits, also called “untouchables.” Dalits are societal outcasts who rank so low in India’s hierarchy, they don’t even register in the caste system”.

Well Ms. Belle, it’s not been over the last 40 years – it’s been over the last 22 yearsafter the H-1B visa caps were raised in late 1998 and again in early 2000 by then-president Bill Clinton. Indians did not create Silicon Valley – Americans did. Indians merely stole it and took credit for it. There were virtually zero Indians in the US 40 years ago (1980). As late as 2002, Silicon Valley and STEM in America was still mostly white American males. That’s only 18 years ago, not 40.

Indians are claiming they came to America 40 years ago so they can take credit for building all the US tech giants – which they did not do – white Americans did.

We suggest you learn the real history of Silicon Valley and how it was stolen by India from Americans. The grand silent invasion and theft of America continues, and most US reporters have no clue what is going on.

Silicon Valley – and the 90’s boom – was built by white Americans, not Indians.

Indians didn’t begin to arrive in large numbers until 2002.

As for racism in America – that would be Indians – as this photo from Silicon Valley shows. Indians are the most racist people in the world.

Apple – built by white Americans – has been stolen by Asians.

Takeover does not equal innovation. Stealing companies does not

equal creating them.

Apple was mostly white American workers until around 2001, Ms. Belle –

the year of Steve Jobs’ death. Stealing companies from Americans is not the

same as building companies.

Where were all those Indians in 1985 at great companies such as Apple,

Ms. Belle? It seems odd they all claim to have built Silicon Valley, yet

there are zero present in this photo.