“Let a stranger in and he will drive you from your home”.

— Japanese proverb

The article of course, was written by a foreign “corporate lawyer” – who is probably going to force his open borders cheap labor agenda down Japan’s throat.

This is how it starts, people.

Because those globalists just don’t want workers to be secure. Japan is being prepped for mass invasion just like America was. Once they get used to the idea of crapping up the workplace, Japan will be invaded by cheap foreign labor.

No more job security for you, Japan. That’s no longer allowed anywhere in the globalized world.

Just as America has been invaded, Japan is next.

Soon, like Americans, Japanese will find themselves driven from their jobs and homes in their own countries and mass tent cities will begin popping up everywhere as the Japanese are driven from their jobs by invaders.

Most of this is being driven by India which is such as craphole it lusts after successful countries and jobs built by other races.

Soon the entire world will look like India – just as CA has been trashed by Indians and turned into a 3rd world, the cancer will soon spread to the entire globe.

The jealous globalist losers of the world just don’t want people to have any success of their own and be happy.


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