That’s right folks – America’s ruined econ – the result of 22 years of international socialism, giving our jobs and industries away to foreign countries, and mass H-1B invasion of remittance-hungry 3rd world job robbers – has to be propped up by free gov’t money giveaways.

In 1998 – the year after Congress and Bill Clinton signed the 1st of the H-1B visa increases in the “American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act“, the US total national debt was only $5 trillion. We also had tax budget surpluses in those years – which means the debt eventually would have been paid off.

America was booming then – when American workers ran things.

Has 22 years of mass foreign invasion, industrial thievery by India + China “kept America competitive”?

Nope. It hasn’t.

In fact the opposite has happened. The US economy has been so destroyed by American worker displacement, offshoring, letting frenemies steal our industries, telling us it would be good for us, that now the only thing the gov’t can do is prop up the failed economy with more debt spending..

Because the tax base has been destroyed, and so have our industries.

America is ruined.

CA is an “economic wasteland” everyone is fleeing – namely because all the taxpaying local workers who spend their $ here have been displaced by remittance hungry Indians and Chinese – who ship their pay right back to their own countries via remittances. No consumers, no economy.

This is not keeping America competitive.

In fact, America is dying.

Why do we continue to pursue failed policies that have obviously killed our economy and benefited our enemies?

Why didn’t the millions of foreign guest workers who promised to keep America competitive perform?

And why do we continue to import them after repeated, proven failure?

We’ve been duped by globalization – and robbed by Asia. We’re being looted. These people are not here to help us, they’re here to rob us and steal our industries.

It is the 3rd world invasion that has killed us and displaced our people into homelessness.

Oracle leaving California because it’s an ‘economic wasteland’: Steve Forbes