In other words, if the H-1B visa racket, RICO lawyers such as Murthy who are all doing H-1B visa fraud, and the all-Indian racist Indian Mafia can’t put enough pressure on US pols, HR1044 isn’t going to pass.

Foreign lobbies such as all-Indian Immigration Voice, USIN-PAC,, and other foreign agents are all illegally and unduly influencing US pols.

Just whose gov’t is this? Americans, or Indians?

Most of these Indian-run law firms are getting away with mass visa fraud – claming there aren’t enough qualified Americans for tech jobs on Federal H-1B applications, when in reality only 1 in 3 US STEM grads have a job in STEM fields.

Murthy is doing visa fraud and it’s that simple.

We need to stop foreign influence in our gov’t now America. Wake up.