Far from diverse, Neilsen is now 100% Indians, who displaced every last

American worker at the company. American workers had to train their IQ82

replacements so they could understand how to do the jobs.

You may or may not recall years ago Neilsen Ratings was invaded and outsourced to India Inc – namely when India’s NASSCOM began to realize that Lou Dobbs, who was then still on CNN, and who reported on the mass H-1B visa fraud in America, had become a problem.

India was able to get Dobbs off CNN by sabotaging his CNN ratings and driving his show off that network.

India Inc staffing companies took over Neilsen, replacing every American in the company with Indians. Every last one.

But don’t worry, Neilsen is in PR overdrive to make sure no one notices.

Now that India has control of US media ratings, it can manipulate US news and drive anyone who goes against the open borders H-1B mafia off the air.

Why does America allow foreign control of its news networks + media?