Every Indian on earth blames white people for their problems because of the British colonization of India 150 years.

The British of course brought railroads and cities to India, but the savages in India rejected the British and kicked them out.

So India fell into 3rd world mud-puddle poverty for another century and a half.

Indians today continue to blame white people, even though they have been free from Britain for close to 70 years.

The reality is India is lazy, stupid, and corrupt, and those are the causes of its problems. With 300 million people under the age of 30 in India, there are no excuses any longer.

Especially with the west falling all over itself to hand India Silicon Valley on a silver platter – and 5 million US IT jobs.

When will you start performing like other nations with 1/10th your manpower, India? And when will you stop blaming others for your own failings?

Germany BTW worked day and night to invent most of the modern world – including autos, jet engines, and rockets. Where were genius Indian scientists when the bad evil Germans were working around the clock to give everything to the world?

India could not even get a rocket into space until 1997 – when it purchased western rocket tech from Loral + Hughes.

This post by a racist, jealous Indian just shows how much these people hate white people. And now we’re importing 5-10 million of them hand over fist and giving them all our best tech jobs created by Americans.

It is not white peoples’ fault India is lazy+ unproductive.