Welcome to India’s new idea of diversity + inclusion in America.

What right to work? How do foreign visa workers, who are allegedly temporary have any “right” to anything in America? When you come to America on a work visa, you are heavily regulated and restricted. You have no “right” to anything. H-4 visas are not a carté blanché ticket into America.

What about US citizens’ right to work in their own country and not be run out of their own economy by armies of 5 million invading H-1B workers and their spouses.

India is using our visa systems and laws to silently invade us.


“In a move that would greatly favor the high-skilled Indian immigrant workforce in this country, sixty Capitol Hill lawmakers have come forward to urge the Biden administration-in-waiting, to renew the H-4 Employment Authorization Document.

The H-4 EAD, which many Indian immigrant spouses called their lifeline to a normal existence, was passed in the waning days of the Obama administration.

For the thousands of spouses with higher education degrees languishing at home, introducing the EAD by end of 2015, was the best new year gift for the following year”.

Get ready to be run out of your job, America. Indian racists are invading.

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