IMPACT – a foreign Indian PAC of which Kamala Harris is a member is busy manipulating politics and elections in GA.

All of this, of course, is illegal, but the US gov’t is doing nothing about stopping foreign powers from manipulating our country.

IMPACT is a racist Indian-only organization. Their goal now is to attack the remaining white states and make sure white people are overrun and no one like Trump can ever get elected again.

This is illegal election manipulation by foreign PACs, folks.

The average American is too dumb to know what is going on.

The Indian Nazi racist Hindvuta invasion and takeover of the US continues….

GEORGIA: IMPACT, a leading Indian American advocacy and political action committee, has launched a historic $2.5 million campaign to turnout AAPI voters in Georgia ahead of the January Senate runoffs.

The funds will be spent on digital, mail, and turnout operations. 

“IMPACT Executive Director Neil Makhija said. “The Democratic Party couldn’t win the presidency or the Senate without Asian Americans. In November, South Asian and Asian American voters were the critical difference between victory and defeat in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. The numbers are striking: Asian Americans increased turnout more than any other demographic, nearly doubling in Georgia. Asian Americans are becoming a core constituency of the Democratic Party, but they can’t be taken for granted.”